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because he often saw their car parked here on the street. >> it was pretty shocking. yeah. it was pretty messed up. they had all the blood over there, still over there, plenty of blood still. the red car was just mangled. looked like a highway accident in the middle of a neighborhood. >> reporter: driver of the bmw remained on the scene and was interviewed by police. we are waiting to hear from the police as to who may have been at fault and if that driver will face any charges. police were out here well into the morning. in fact, of the apartment building here said the road was blocked off until about 4:45 this morning. meanwhile, loved ones are left to grieve the loss of three lives. reporting live in daley city, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> monte, thanks very much. now to a follow-up story, a story we brought you yesterday a missing at-risk brentwood man has been located and is in good health. 18-year-old colton chalk went
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missing yesterday afternoon. he is at-risk because he is autistic. i has the mental cap pass ift a 3-year-old. no other details have been released. it is not the kind of record you want to have. last year, san jose hit not only a record number of whom sides but also a record number of property crimes. and now one family says it's frustrated doing everything it can to help police but not getting the help they want. nbc bay area stephanie strong is live in east san jose with the story. stephanie? >> reporter: here on this street alone up on the hills, we are hearing from neighbor there is have been four break-ins in the last four to six months here. there's a lot of concern. for paul majors and his family of four it happened about a month ago them say that there were three guys who broke in through the side fence and the bathroom window and the car and the three suspect were caught on a neighbor's security camera so they had the footage available when the officer came and took the report. majors says $20,000 worth of
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things were stolen and the officer was even able to lift some fingerprints off of a mirror. now, majors says he got a lucky break with his find my ipad app. his ipad was stolen, able to get an address in north san jose from that app. still, he says san jose police told him there wasn't anything they do do with resources tied up >> it's frustrating. and i know the police are doing the best they can with the resources that they are given. i don't know who to point the finger at. you hear whose fault it is from both sides and each other, but it makes you think of moving to morgan hill, quite frankly and i was born and raise here in san jose. >> reporter: just last year, san jose hit a record number of property crimes. since 1995, we are talking a 30% jump from the year before. we are seeing this across the bay area n oakland, property crimes up 24%, while fremont in san francisco went up 13% again in just one year. now, we haven't heard back from san jose police today and we consistently heard from the
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department that they are tied it up and have to prioritize the high volume of calls and can't get certain events or things like home break-ins. at 6:00 tonight, there is something the police department told her husband to do that angered her. again, we will hear from her at 6:00. live in east san jose, stephanie trang, nbc bay area news. >> stephanie, thank you. the fresno animal park where a lion killed a 24-year-old woman four days ago is back open today. the park is called cat i haveness and the board president had the blessing from the victim's family to reopen. diana hanson was an intern at the park and her mother says she would have wanted the work to continue. she was mauled on wednesday when she was cleaning a cable. the gate to the lions' enclosure was not entirely close and the lion opened that gate and attacked hanson. cal state university system is opening an innovative approach to recruit students. today, university officials
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visited 100 churches with members who are predominantly african-american as part of their super sunday program. california state university's can chancellor timothy white went to two service at a hayward church to talk to potential students and their families. in addition to providing information about the university system, he gave them information about college requirements and financial aid as well. one potential student says if he got in, he would be the first in his family to attend college. >> i feel really more empowered because the chancellor around the president did not have to come to our church and great to see they care about our community. >> this is the eighth year of the super sunday outreach program. today was the second straight sunday where the faithful did not gather in st. peter's square for the pope's weekly blessing. 115 eligible cardinals will gather on tuesday for the beginning of the conclave to elect the next pope. a two-thirds vote is needed to be elected. if nobody gets enough votes, the cardinals will continue to vote
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twice a day until a pope is agreed upon. coming up later in this newscast, although the cardinals did not meet today, we will take you to the vatican and show what you they did do. coming up next at 5:00, they were there when the bullets started flying. we will hear how the firefighters risked their lives to protect others after a gun battle that killed two santa cruz police officers. also, how one bay area male carrier's powers of perception helped save the life of one of her long-time customers. and tiger woods looks to continue his hot start to the golf season. we will show you if he nailed down the victory today. and the weekend finishing on a very sunny and warming note around the bay area. right now, seeing 70s still outside, morgan hill, the north bay, santa rosa, navado, radar view. no storms on the horizon but perhaps 80-degree temperatures possible in a few spots, the middle part of the week, we will show you where, coming up.
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thousands of people in law enforcement attended the funeral for two santa cruz police officers last week killed in the line of duty. >> now we are hearing from the firefighters on the scene when the bills started flying. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has their stories. >> we were still surrounded by people with guns and shields. >> reporter: jerry freeman is cap dane of ladder truck 3170,
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the first crew on the scene just moments after two santa cruz police officers were shot and killed. >> as a fire captain that is not an environment you should put your crew in but it was special circumstances. >> reporter: special because the man and woman at his feet were also in uniform. something no one, not even the dispatchers, told him ahead of time. >> we didn't know it was officers until we arrived on scene, until we were physically standing next to them. >> reporter: at this point, the gunman was still on the loose and when accused cop killer jeremy goulet returned to the crime scene, it was this crew that spotted him first. >> the bad guy came back essentially. and we saw him. we saw a car. we had been told that it was a white car. >> reporter: officers were quickly alert and rushed in. the fire crew simultaneously evacuated bystanders, curious about what was going on. >> at one point, iractually said you guys need to get out of here unless you want to get shot. and right about then, the
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shooting started. >> reporter: firefighter clayton ogden was in the thick of it, standing next to a woman who fell to the ground. instead of leaving her behind, ogden chose to cover her with his own body. >> at some point, she tried to get up, then another hail of gunfire started, so i just told her to stay down, you know, don't move. it was at that point, probably the safest place for both of us to be on the ground. >> reporter: heartbreaking loss of two officers has consumed this coastal community ever since. and for many, ogden's bravery will not be forgotten by those who watched town fold. in san jose, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 5:00, we will introduce to you one mail carrier who did something for someone on her route. the a'sing day starter left spring training game earlier today. we will have an update on his injuries.
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san jose's minimum wage workers are getting a $2 raise starting tomorrow. minimum wage will increase to $10 an hour. opponents say the increase will hurt local business owners and may mean fewer jobs. some local businesses that have already been paying their employees the higher rate says it has led to better morale and less turnover. the raise comes as president
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obama pushes for a federal minimum wage increase. in the age of text and instant messaging, we forget people in our neighborhoods delivering what we now call snail mail. as nbc bay area's joe rosado jr., people in one san leandro neighborhood won't forget their mail carrier any time soon. >> reporter: there are 499 customers on tracy heron's san leandro mail route. some have dogs. some are chatty. she knows almost everyone's name. >> i had one customer, he says we are family now. >> reporter: after logging the same route day after day, year after year, heron notices things. >> i have some customers that just don't like to pick up their mail so i know those people and i know the people that pick up their mail every day. >> reporter: when an elderly woman's mail began piling up on her route, heron got a strange feeling. >> there was mail there. so, that was weird to me because she always picks ups her mail
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every single day. >> reporter: after a couple days and even more mail, hearn started knocking on doors in the neighbor today see if anyone knew the woman. >> i'm like, i think we need to get in there and see what's going on because something is wrong with this lady. i believe she's in there and she's not okay. >> reporter: though heron had never even spoken to the woman before, her hunch was right. >> they called the police and the police came and luckily, the back door was unlocked and she was in there on the floor and she had been in there over three days. they had sha she had a streak. >> reporter: they took her to the hospital and heron went back to the mail. in the able of text and e-mails, news of her humane act spread through the neighborhood like a pony express. >> you never know. it seems like that, yeah that -- that's lifesaver, sure, what she did. >> just as a person, you know,
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it's good to look out for other people. >> reporter: heron's says the woman's hospitalized in intensive care, she liked to visit if she could. used to be heron knew the name of all 499 customers on her route. safe to say all 499 now know hers. joe rosado jr., nbc bay area news. >> i love that story. >> fantastic. totally upbeat. >> yeah. people caring about people and we care about rob. >> very much, especially when we have a forecast we like. >> talking about 70-degree temperatures >> yes. >> yeah. >> wrap up what is officially the last full week of went they are week. may not feel like it outside, especially by the time we approach wednesday. today, might have noticed to the north bay, managed throw mid-70s, a very mild afternoon there napa and sonoma, 73, santa rosa, close to 70 in san jose i upper 60s maybe close to 70 south of san jose, you see out toward the livermore around pleasanton today, upper 60s, low
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70s, slow cooling, not too much of a seabreeze out there now, 70 in parts of the north bay but enough of a seabreeze reaching navado, san francisco, the east bay toward oakland, you will see your temperatures likely hanging out in the 60s, the early part of the week. tonight, patchy low clouds spill in from the coast and across the interbay tomorrow night morning, may find a mist with low clouds on the coastline, mostly sunny skies and mostly warming forecast. heading toward the mild part of the week, mid-70s seem reasonable, forecast most of our valleys, does look like areas south of san jose a chance of maybe getting close to the low 80s on wednesday. here is the pattern that is the cause of this, really here off and on from january into february. high pressure building into just the west of the bay area, taking the storm track, sending it way off to the north. moisture race nothing seattle, not get this far south. we will see high clouds from time to time, glansing hits from the incoming systems but not the kind to give us enough lift or
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moisture to bring us rain. this evening, see patches of low clouds appearinging on the coast, inland across the interbay tomorrow morning, same story for i think into tuesday morning, winds turning offshore, really clear out the coast, warm things up for both locations in the bay area the middle part of the week. the morning, 30s and 40s outside, mainly 30s in the inland valleys, don't have low cloud cover to keep temperatures up overnight you in and across the interbay, the mid-40s, notice the difference in the sunrise time, take the kids off to school in the morning, 7:26 thanks to the time change. lights adjusting have to get used to that the next several mornings. up a couple more degrees, trivalley locations, about the same. temperatures warmer toward pleasanton tomorrow. mid-70s in the forecast. low 70s again in the north bay, still hanging on to the 60s from san francisco, winds turn offshore, offshort middle part of the week, look at wednesday, at least get into upper 70s in
5:18 pm
the bay area, close to 80s, san jose. coastal clouds, ocean air conditioning, still looks rain free. next best chance for showers at this point will be sunday heading on into i think monday next week. we will start to see some of those showers possibly coming back in into early part of next week. >> all right. we will take summer around then go back to winter. >> yeah. thank you, rob. bring in henry for comcast sports net a look what is going on now. hello, henry. >> hey, henry. >> hello, diane and terry. bic news happening in baseball. an ace in the a's starting rotation departs today's game early holding his neck. we will have the details after the break. plus not only is tiger woods back, we will show you why he should be considered a real threat with the masters just a few weeks away. hang with us. sports is next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. wins don't count in spring training, however if your key players are healthy when spring ball is over, you mount count that as a moral victory. the a's are keeping their fingers crossed after their best pitcher left the game injured today. they were taking on the d backs in the cactus league. opening day starter brett anderson left today's game after facing only two batters. anderson is collided with adam eaton while covering third base. he threw eight pitches. the twitter account says anderson has a strained back muscle near his neck. the injury is not thought to be
5:22 pm
serious at this time. more baseball for you, world baseball classic, usa taking on canada. it is win or go home for joe torre's team. bottom of the second, canada's michael saunders getting some good wood on this one. two-run shot. canada jumps out to the early lead. top of the eighth, usa fighting back, adam jones doubles to lift center. bloomquist will round to third. the same thing goes for david wright. usa takes a 4-3 lead. top of the ninth, americans pour it on, bases loaded. clears the bases. usa advances after a 9-4 victory. over to golf. tiger woods out to prove he still has the killer instinct. woods shooting for his 76th pga tour victory this afternoon but toad protect his four-shot lead in the final round of the cadillac championship at doral. here we go with some very
5:23 pm
entertaining highlights. tiger has never lost a tournament, by the way, leading by four strokes or more. fourth hole, par 3. his tee shot. my goodness. lands within about four feet. would he make that birdie go to 20 under. then, on 10, putting for birdie, gets it to drop. his 27th birthday of the week brought him to 21 under for the championship. shot of the day, sergio garcia on 15, out of the sand, and into, yes, the cup. sergio looked sharp. shot 569 in the final round and finished in third. tiger, on the final hole, three-shot lead, second shot on the par 4, short of the green. gets a lucky break, you can at least say a fortunate break, the ball stayed up. then woods, putting for bogey, and the win. woods finishes it off, his 76th career pga tour win.
5:24 pm
>> to be honest with you, i wasn't that far off last week, even though, you know, my score didn't indicate it i felt like i was hitting the ball well and i made a few too many mistakes i clean those up, i knew that it could be pretty close. and this week, i putted really well and i think that was the key. because bermuda greens like this, with as much wind as we had to deal with, the ball was moving a lot. and sometimes we had to play it for quite a bit of wind. and the green, i was flushing putts and i was getting it through the wind a little bit sometimes. >> looks like tiger woods is back. by the way you we'll be back in about an hour. do have a sharks score alert for you before we go. taking on the colorado avalanche.the avs are beating the sharks, 1-0. >> thank you, henry. the 49ers new stadium in
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santa clara well on its way being sold out before the team takes the field. >> the niners announced this weekend that 75% of the seats have already been sold that's about, you know, give or take, $400 million worth. the most expensive seats are reportedly already gone. those include the half million dollar luxury boxes and the $80,000 club seats near the 50-yard line. sounds nice. the stadium is on schedule to open for the 2014 season. next at 5:00, the cardinals who will elect the next pope took a break from preparation today in vatican city. we will show what you they did instead. also, a press conference between secretary of defense chuck hagel and har midcmid kars canceled at the last moment. a mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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. welcome back to this special one-hour edition of nbc bay area news. we are on tonight instead of "nbc nightly news" because of golf on nbc. we want to begin this hour at the vatican. >> and they rested. they took a break after six days of meetings. nbc's marianne ahern showed us, the cardinals fanned out to celebrate mass at rome's parish churches. >> reporter: did the second sunday with no papal blessing, as is the tradition in st. peter's square. however, the cardinals celebrated masses at churches throughout rome, asking for prayers for this important moment in the church's history. >> let us pray that the holy spirit in the church to choose a new pope who will confirm must our faith. >> reporter: the preparations are under way at the sistine chapel where the cardinals will
5:29 pm
cast their first ballot tuesday. as well, the chimney has been installed where the smoke will be black if no pope has been chosen or white if someone has received the necessary 77 votes. some wonder if perhaps age will play a factor in this selection. >> if you elect a young man as pope fess in his 50s, could you have a 30, 40-year pain pass circumstance he could live a long time and be pope a long time u. >> reporter: others weigh in as well on the church's future. >> the church is under pressure to reform. to meet some liberal standards and uphold other standards. >> reporter: they will meet on monday before the conclave begins tuesday. at the vatican, marianne ahern, nbc news. in south africa, former president nelson mandela is back in his home after he was hospitalized

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